Choosing your Template

South Wales Web Solutions specialises in creating high performing, bespoke WordPress websites that are perfectly suited to your business. To do this we have to decide on the template that we will use to create your website.

WordPress is an effective system, because once the template has been created the website will be easy to navigate and all pages will have the same look and feel, creating consistency across the site. This is important when you want to generate a professional website that has a strong brand image.

Your WordPress template is the basic layout of all the pages, so images, menus and content all appear in the same place on each page, and the background to your website remains the same. The template that you choose will affect the style of your website.

Generally, each web page should have a header image, which will include your business name, logo and sometimes contact details. The main menu should be either just above or below the header image and then there will be the content section of the page, with the page title, images and writing. How big you want the header image, the menu style and the design of the content section are all choices that you and your website designer will have to make.

Whether you go for a very visual, image-based design, or a design that is based more on written content will depend on the nature of your business and on your brand image. It is becoming more popular to have a home page that is very visual, giving the website visitor an impression of your brand and what you do through the use of images, rather than too much text. Provided that site navigation is clear the user will be able to quickly find more information on anything that they require.

You will also want clear call-to-actions throughout your site. These are the instructions to your website visitor about what you want them to do next. You may want the website visitor to contact you, or you may want them to fill in an enquiry form. The call-to-actions can be built into the template of your WordPress website in order to keep the consistency and make it easy for your website visitors to know what to do.

We have a lot of experience in creating WordPress templates that function well, creating easy navigation and high convertibility. You can choose a template that you feel reflects your business and we can adapt it to match your branding.

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