5 Top Tips For Increasing Facebook Reach

Facebook seems to be making it harder and harder for business pages to reach their audience. If you have been using Facebook Pages for a while you may have noticed a drop in your reach for each post. If you are new to Facebook Pages then you may feel like you are climbing a slippery slope.

How many people your post is shown to depends on how many people interact with it in some way. If the first few people like, comment, share or click on the post then it will be shown to more people. If no one interacts with your post then it won\’t be shown to anyone else.

Here are 5 top tips for increasing your Facebook reach:

Read more

Make your posts long enough that a \’read more\’ button appears. This will intrigue people to continue reading and therefore interact with your post by clicking the button.


Facebook is a very visual platform. Include an eye-catching graphic with each post to encourage people to pause and notice it.

Upload videos directly

Videos are popular on Facebook, however they are much more effective if they are uploaded directly to Facebook, rather than posting a link to YouTube.

Tell your mates to butt out

Or ask them nicely. If all your friends go on and like every post on your business page then Facebook will suspect that you are trying to create fake interactions and penalise you for it. It is better to have people unconnected to you interacting with your posts.

Cough up

If you want lots of people to see your posts then unfortunately you have to pay to amplify it. The companies and publishers that achieve the most through Facebook (think BuzzFeed) have big budgets for amplifying their content.

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