5 Tips To Improve Your Skills As A Copywriter – Part 2

This is the second part of a two-series blog post concerning how you can improve your work as a copywriter or a content writer.

The first part covered two topics; the need to write in a conversational manner and why you shouldn\’t make your writing all about yourself.

This time we will cover three more points which will ensure you can improve your copywriting skills.

3.  Write quickly

Again, like not talking about yourself, you may think this sounds counterintuitive to what you are hoping to achieve from your writing; but trust us, it really can be more productive than you imagine.

There are a number of reasons for this, with one of them being that when you write quickly without putting too much thought into it, you use more of the emotional side of your brain.

This is especially good for writing the persuasive stuff you want your customers to read to entice them in.  Instead of stopping to rethink everything and to rewrite on the spot, you let the copy flow from the way you feel about the subject you’re writing about.

Another reason to write quickly is because it is a lot easier to edit words and sentences that are on paper (or more likely on your screen!), as opposed to changing them in your mind.

Editing your work is much better than taking hours in your mind to come up with the perfect draft.

Being an accomplished writer is not about being able to hit perfection on your first go, but more about having the ability to edit a piece to make it perfect.

4.  Use simple language

Do not try to sound overly intelligent when writing; do you know why?  Because the average reading level of adults may not be as high as you would expect.

So if you write at a level above the understanding of your customers, then it is not only likely that you won\’t receive their custom but you could also lose them to a competitor.

Instead of showing off your extensive vocabulary and making yourself feel important, it’s better to choose words that reach the largest number of people because you don’t want to write in a way that alienates a significant percentage of your customers.

5.  Keep your paragraphs short

As you can see throughout this blog post, we have kept our paragraphs to a minimum.  this is because it is easier for people to read and take in text on a screen if it is kept short.

Yes, we know in school you are taught to write longer paragraphs, but that doesn\’t apply when copywriting.  It simply means your content is intimidating, and will go some way to ensuring your posts are read more.

There you have it, five tips to improving your skills as a copywriter.

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