3 Tips To Change Your Content Marketing For The Better

Do you want your company to be the best at what you do?  Do you know how to be the best?  There are many things you will need to take in to consideration when it comes to your content marketing; and it isn\’t just the things you probably think you need to do.

Writing high quality content, and throwing in some amazing social media on the side, is only the beginning of getting your content marketing off the ground; on its own, it won\’t guarantee you a successful venture.

Don\’t get us wrong, we are not saying you should pay less attention to the copywriting you are providing in your blog posts, you should still give it a lot of your precious time as it is important; just make sure it is of a high quality.

So, if you don\’t know what else you should be doing, carry on reading and you will see some tips on how to improve your content marketing.

1.  Use certain words in blog post titles

You may think the most important part of writing a blog post is the actual content, and to some extent you are correct.

But think of it this way; would you read an article or a blog post if the title wasn\’t very inviting, or didn\’t excite you in some way?  It is unlikely.

So you need to entice readers in with your title; starting a headline with \’How To…\’, or use a number related start (like this post!) or even use a question – engaging the reader with your headline is the start of getting them to read your content.

2.  Use subheadings

Splitting your blog post up by using subheadings gives the reader two things; firstly, they can skim through the piece to find what they want, and secondly, they can pick up the important points you are trying to get across by seeing the subheadings you are using.

You will probably find that people spend more time on your page if you break up your blog posts like this.

3.  Share social media content more than once

By sharing content on social media, you are essentially spreading your word to a wider audience.  By sharing the same piece more than once and at different times of the day, you might find that your content is reaching more people.

If you do begin to share content on multiple occasions, make sure to change the actual content you are putting out; even if it is the same information, but worded differently, it can have more of an impact.

In conclusion, content marketing isn\’t just about the actual content.  With a few small tweaks – such as changing the blog posts titles or sending out multiple Tweets, for example – you could get more traffic.

If you are going to put the time and effort into your content, then you should be doing all you can to maximise how much traffic you are generating.

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