3 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Mobile Web

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Mobile Web South Wales Web Solutions

Take a look around the web and there\’s a copious amount of data available that showcases just how popular mobile web is.  For all organisations, in all industries and with any type of audience, mobile websites can prove to be key to your digital success.

But as great as the stats are, for many, they\’re just numbers.

So, with there plenty of clear reasons why you really need to take mobile into consideration, the following are three of the most notable in our eyes.

1.  Mobile traffic could account for more than you think

Many business owners aren\’t fully aware of just how much website traffic they receive from mobile devices.  Yes, many of us use desktop PCs and laptops regularly, but we also use our mobile phone to access websites more than you\’re likely to realise, especially today as mobile technology usability does nothing but improve continually.

If you don\’t believe what we\’re saying, take a look at your website stats – even if your mobile traffic is lower than your desktop traffic, it\’s still likely to account for a large percentage of your audience; a percentage that you could be alienating if you don\’t have a mobile responsive website.

2.  It can be key to customer satisfaction

Customers expect certain things from organisations.  They always have done and they always will do, regardless of industry.

With these expectations changing regularly, one of the most notable today is to be able to enjoy a first-class, digital experience, whether they\’re viewing your website on a desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Provide a website that\’s user-friendly on all platforms and you\’ll be meeting this expectation.  Fail to do this and you\’ll not only disappoint customers on this front, but you could very easily find they end up having a negative view of your brand as a whole as a result.

3.  Without it, you can instantly fall behind the competition

In today\’s world, where organisations from opposite sides of the world can compete against one another, it\’s important that you feel confident you\’re doing as much as you can to stay at the front of your industry.

Whilst a mobile responsive website won\’t do this alone, what it will do is ensure that people don\’t \’mark you down\’ for not having a mobile offering and end up heading to a competitor.  Similarly, consider it a part of a larger digital strategy, one where you\’re continually meeting customer expectations and should you be equal with a competitor on every other level, but their mobile website is poor or non-existent, yours could be all it takes to sway customers to shop with you instead.

Whether you\’re a fan of mobile web yourself or not, your audience are undoubtedly going to be and so if you\’re an organisation looking to make the most of your digital presence, a mobile website really does have to play a role in your offering.

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