3 Questions To Ask Any SEO Agency Before Hiring Them

At South Wales Web Solutions, we try to be as transparent as possible with every single service we offer.

Always taking the time to explain all about our services, we know SEO in particular can be confusing and we therefore do everything we can to take the complexities away – even though you’re not carrying out the work yourself, it’s still beneficial for you to have a clear understanding of what’s taking place, so you can, for instance, have realistic expectations and know what your money’s exactly being spent on.

Whilst we know we aren’t the only SEO agency you can choose from, we still want to ensure that every organisation hiring any SEO agency gets the best service they deserve – and it’s for this reason why before you hire an agency, you first ask them, at the very least, these three questions.

1. Can you get me to the first position for my chosen keyword(s)?

The simple answer here should be no. Whilst it’s possible for an experienced agency to ensure you rank on the first page of Google, no one can say for the certain which position that will ultimately be in.

With the search engine’s ranking algorithm continually changing and being updated, the suitability of any agency who says they can guarantee a first position in Google needs to be questioned.

2. What will be the primary SEO resource(s) you use?

Search engine optimisation is always developing and the resources and techniques used therefore change regularly.

3 Questions To Ask Any SEO Agency Before Hiring Them South Wales Web SolutionsToday, high quality, unique content should ideally be the focus of any SEO strategy. Generally published onto a blog integrated within your website, this isn’t the be all and end all of     SEO techniques, but it should be one of the main ones used.

What’s important to note here is that although some techniques can seem outdated, such as backlinking, they can still be particularly beneficial if it’s stated that high quality, low volume, natural links are gained, rather than simply vast amounts of low quality links.

Therefore, don’t dismiss an agency because they mention link building – you’ve just got to question them a little further to ensure quality prevails over quantity.

3. Can you tell me more about the strategy you’re going to use?

The primary reason this question should be asked is to ensure the agency doesn’t try to hide anything.

As complex and complicated as SEO may seem to some, it’s actually particularly transparent and this should be reflected in the agency’s approach to your questions.

There are no secrets, no tricks and nothing too complicated that can’t be explained – if you feel the agency you’re talking to is hiding something or they won’t divulge certain information, you once again need to question their suitability.

We understand that SEO can be a particularly confusing topic for many and it’s for this reason why at South Wales Web Solutions, we do our utmost to fully explain just what you’ll receive as part of our SEO services, so to ensure you can be confident you’re choosing the perfect agency for your needs.

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