3 Effective Social Media Tactics You Should Be Using

Over the last few years social media has been a part of a huge explosion which has taken over the world.

You wouldn\’t have to go too far out of your own home to see people on their iPhones, smart phones or tablets – and it is generally because they are checking their social media accounts.  From Twitter and Instagram to Facebook and Pinterest, most people use most of them, if not all of them.

Because social media has become so big in the life of a human being, it makes sense that companies and businesses should use the social networks to their advantage.

From posting sales and offers on Facebook to getting involved in Twitter conversations with customers and clients, there are so many ways you can bring more people in to knowing about your company, and, essentially, buying into what you are doing.

Here we will give you some tactics you can use with your social media strategies to effectively improve your results.

1.  Timing is everything

You need to find out which times are best for you to publish updates on your networks.  There is no point putting out a Facebook update at 8pm if no one is going to see it.

With your updates you want people to like them, share them, retweet them, etc; the more this is done, the more you and your products are seen.

When you set up your business Facebook page, it comes with an insights section that only admins of your page can see.  This shows you what time of each day is most visited and posts are liked and shared.  Pay attention to this and you should see positive results.

2.  Be quirky

When posting updates to your social media accounts, don\’t simply use them as trying to sell your products and services.

For example, if you are a sports shop, simply posting photographs of your clothing with their price tags is going to get boring for your followers.

By all means, DO post them every now and again, but you also need to keep it fun and quirky.  This is what will bring you more friends and followers.

So, if you see a picture of a dog playing sport, for example, then post that – people will find it amusing and at the same time will see that you are not just about yourself and your business.

3.  Use a social media management system

We would always recommend having an account on a social media management system, such as Hootsuite.

For those of you that don\’t know what this is, it is a system that allows you to schedule updates for your social media accounts in advance.

This works especially well if you know you are going to be too busy one day, or if you are going away on holiday.

Don\’t use it to schedule every update you put out, you should still take the time to get involved with conversations with clients and customers.


These three tips should be followed if you want to have a successful social media strategy – they will make your working life much easier.

Also, do you have a website?  A social media strategy will work so much better if you have your own website, then with some updates you can direct people to it and then they can see more of what you can do for them.

If you need a website designing for your company, or you have more questions about social media strategies, then feel free to contact us at any time.

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