2015 web design trends

2015 is nearly upon us and with a new year will come new trends, designs, features and styles for website designs.

Here is a brief low-down of what is expected to happen in 2015 with website designs.


Images are expected to get bigger and better in 2015. Image-led designs have been growing in popularity for some time now and this is expected to continue. There are many times when you can say more with images than you can with words. Images catch people\’s attention and create strong brand messages. If you are looking to upgrade your website, consider one that is image-led.


Your website should already be responsive. If it isn\’t then you will definitely be left behind in 2015. Consumers expect to be able to view a website on PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones and they expect the website to function.

If your website isn\’t responsive then you will lose out on customers in 2015. Responsiveness may even develop to accommodate new devices such as smart watches and other wearable tech.


Functionality of websites is only going to get better as the focus shifts to giving website visitors a seamless and intuitive experience. Navigation will be vital for keeping website visitors engaged and different website navigations, such as animated scrolling will grow in popularity. New ones may even emerge as the year goes on.


Expect text on website to change in 2015 and also become responsive. Reading on screen is a very different experience to reading on paper and as researchers get to grips with how typography needs to change for an easier user experience, web designers will be able to put it into practice in order to make websites easier to read.

Looking to the future websites are only going to get better and easier for users to navigate and understand. Talk to South Wales Web Solutions if you want to upgrade and modernise your website.

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