Month: May 2014

Why Have A Website?

Many companies and businesses across South Wales still do not have a website, or their website is basic and out of date. If you are already making money, why should you have a website? Expectations Other businesses and customers now expect you to have a website that they can refer to. If somebody is trying …

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Should I Pay for Links?

In order to appear higher up the search engine rankings your website needs to have back links. An easy option is to just pay for some links, but there are good ways and bad ways to pay for links. Should you do it? The bad ways to pay for links are to do so indiscriminately …

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How Not to Get Stung with Facebook Advertising

You can achieve some amazing results with Facebook adverts. You can reach a large audience for comparatively little money. You can engage real-time with potential customers and build long lasting relationships with your audience, leading to repeat business and brand ambassadors. However, if you have been following news about Facebook advertising, you will have heard …

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Why Blog?

At South Wales Web Solutions we will always encourage you to have a blog on your website. There are a number of different reasons why: Your Brand Message When a potential customer is looking through your website and considering making a purchase they may want to find out more about your business. Your blog is …

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When Not To Use Facebook

Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool. You can reach wide audiences, or find potential customers in your niche and connect with them in a whole new way. You can use Facebook to communicate your brand message, make announcements and connections. There are many success stories of businesses that started out just by marketing on Facebook. …

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Why WordPress?

There are now endless ways to build a website with different programmes and packages on offer, yet more and more businesses are choosing to use WordPress and these businesses are not wrong. It is the most popular content management system in the world. Here at South Wales Web Solutions we specialise in providing SMEs with …

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