20 Questions to Review Your Digital Marketing

You should review your digital marketing on a regular basis in order to ensure you are getting your ROI and achieving your goals. Not every review has to be formal and time-consuming. South Wales Web Solutions has put together 20 questions for you to ask yourself whenever you have a quick glance at your digital marketing:

  1. Is your website up-to-date?
    Check through your website and look for any information that is now inaccurate or any places where information is missing. Your website should always seem fresh and regularly updated in order to make it seem trustworthy and to raise conversion rates
  2. Have you recently added content to your website?
    Adding content to your website on a regular basis raises its profile in the eyes of visitors and Google.
  3. Does your website convey your brand?
    Does your website do your brand justice? Does it fully represent you or does it need an overhaul?
  4. Do all your links work?
    Your website should fully function and give your visitors a seamless experience.
  5. Are you getting enquiries through your website?
    Are website visitors converting into customers? If not, you may need to change something.
  6. Do you have a high bounce rate?
    If your bounce rate is high visitors may be put off by something on your website.
  7. Are you appearing in Google?
    If you don\’t rank well in Google for your keywords you will lose customers.
  8. Should you focus on new keywords?
    Look for new opportunities that could bring you new customers.
  9. Do you have a high click-through rate for successful keywords?
    If you appear well for your keywords but have a low click-through rate, change your meta description.
  10. Do your keywords bring the right customers?
    A high bounce rate will signal that you need to adapt your keywords to increase your conversion rate.
  11. Have you found new online opportunities?
    Research other websites that your customers will be on and find out about any opportunities there are for gaining some brand presence on these sites.
  12. Have you researched your competitors?
    Keeping tabs on your competitors is very important throughout all your business and it is very easy to find out what they are up to on the internet.
  13. Have you kept up with industry news?
    Keeping up with industry news is important to continually improve, learn about new opportunities and to find opportunities to mention your brand on 3rd party sites.
  14. Have you contributed to industry \’chat\’?
    Try to give your brand a presence in forums or groups dedicated to your business.
  15. Are your social media channels up-to-date?
    Social media can bring excellent opportunities and build your brand presence, but only if you update it regularly.
  16. Have you had interaction through social media?
    If people aren\’t interacting, you may be doing things wrong. Think about changing your social strategies.
  17. Do you have new followers?
    You can gain new followers on Facebook with a small advertising budget and new followers on Twitter with some interaction.
  18. Have you researched new channels?
    Learn about what each social media channel has to offer. You may be missing an opportunity, or you may be wasting resources by using a social media channel that isn\’t suitable for your industry.
  19. Have you responded to enquiries through social media promptly?
    Do you have the resources in place to respond to social media enquiries in a timely manner? Many consumers now use social media to communicate with brands. Social media communication is as important as email.
  20. Is everything integrated?
    Everything you do online should be integrated and your digital marketing should be integrated with all other marketing activities.

If you can\’t keep on top of everything talk to South Wales Web Solutions to find out about how we can help you to free up your time to get on with running your business.

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